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How are we different?

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Implementors -
Implementors -


Implementors -

We do not prescribe solutions -  we will be there implementing the solutions needed to fit your goals.


Our scope ranges from the board meetings to the shop floor.


As all business owners are aware, the hard job is not designing the best solution, it is making it happen.


We’ve already implemented these solutions in large companies (>70€M).

We’ve adequate the offer and approach to delivering the same results in a budget that fits your size.

Big companies solutions tailored to your size



We will prepare your team and organization to be self-sufficient.


We are obsessed with delivery, and a successful delivery means no dependency after the deploy.



We have the biggest incentive to be aligned with the desired results - In our CAAS model, If we do not perform we're out - no strings attached.

That is a powerful incentive!

Our incentives are always aligned with our results.

How are we different?

How we Work

See us as an Executive muscle fighting on your side, with a hands-on, boots on the ground approach.

You will find us both in the board meetings and in the shop floor [yes, we've already worked in the deep of a mine, in the top of a factory, in the comfort Back offices or in the exiting jungle-like startup offices].

Our standard approach has a first 2-4 window period of understanding in the terrain the context, with you and your teams. We then set a roadmap and implement it. We repeat: we implement it! - no point in finding solutions and give YOU the task to implement them.

We put together the needed skills from our team - finance, people, systems, sales, each one has its own expertise and we'll mix it accordingly to your needs.

We'll make things happen!

How we work



Senior C-level muscle can only be provided by seasoned team members that experienced and endured the same challenges you are now facing.

This means that we have three rules in our team:

- No kids and no Juniors allowed. Really! Expertize comes with experience, and experience takes time.

-  Boring people prohibited. You would never choose to work with someone you do not like - neither do we.

- You must have founded a company in your career. There is no better extreme boot camp training that having to make a business grow from scratch.

Take a while to know us better:

Meet the team

Paulo Mateus

Chief Transformation Astronaut


Portugal Office

  • LinkedIn

"A Goal without a plan is just a dream" is one of my favorite quotes, as often we find ourselves helping leaders fulfilling their objectives, designing and executing a plan for that.  

Paulo's short bio:
Paulo holds a degree in business management from ISEG and is a certified lean six-sigma black belt.
He has accumulated more than 20 years of executive experience in supporting companies in multiple sectors across three continents. He was the founder of Weduc, a tech company for education, raining capital and expanding to Brazil and UK.
Paulo was multiple times engaged in the set-up and launch of new businesses from day one. He worked as a consultant for Banking and finance, F&B, industry, mining and auto; He led several transformation processes and implementation of new software - ERPs, CRMs, strategy design and transformation in sales and after-sales.
His main asset is a broad understanding of how a business work - from treasury to sales, IT to operations.
He has a consolidated experience in transforming business and that's what he does - helps transformation thrive in complex environments and cultures.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Plan adequately, measure and decide with data. You need to seek or value, not for costs.

João short bio:
João holds an MBA degree by Universidade Nova.
He worked most of his career in finance and operations, supporting multiple companies in sustained growth and investment raising.
As an entrepreneur, he was part of the founders' team of a tech start-up, having shared the magic of Silicon Valley. He has solid experience in the VC environment and financial metrics and analysis, especially SAAS business models.
He supports multiple tech-based businesses in raising capital (seed, convertible and series A/B stages) and in investors relations at the board level;
João is our expert in finances - he will handle all financial and business data deliverables and will guide you with VC relationship.
With deep knowledge across multiple sectors and industries, he will assure the sustainable growth of your business.
Joao Paulo.jfif

João Ferreira

Chief Financial Astronaut



Portugal Office

  • LinkedIn

Alexandre Henriques

Chief People Astronaut

Portugal office

  • LinkedIn

It is all about people!

You can try to change processes or technology, but no change can sustain without engaging your team.

Alexandre's short bio:
Alexandre holds a Master degree in Organizational Behaviour from ISPA and a degree in human resources management and psychology at work.
He was a co-founder of Blink Consulting and has <20y experience has a senior consultant in human resources development, change management and behaviour training.
Alexander was a University teacher in behaviour and organizational development and is an expert in proficiency models, executive coaching and process optimization and redesign.
He worked in Egor Management and Tracy International in all these areas, in multiple countries (Portugal, Spain, Brazil, PALOP,) and industries (Banking, Telco, Retail, Oil, auto, and others).
He is our expert in People!

Companies are complex in nature. You really have to understand all its business, its risks and its opportunities. More often than not, due diligence processes reveal real gems that were neglected and that really add value.

Agent X's short bio:
[Due to the sensitive nature of Agent C job activity, his identity must remain confidential here; don't worry, you'll meet him :-)]
Agent X. has a degree in management from ISCTE; he started his career in a big four auditing company. After some years he got tired of dull big corporate houses but still loved his work, so we went rogue.
Since then, he was done a zillion of due diligence for companies of all sectors and industries. Loves his clients and loves to read financial data. 
He is an entrepreneur and started a new venture of his own in the chemical industry as a side job.


Chief Business Astronaut

Portugal Office

  • LinkedIn

Joaquim Gonçalves

Chief Energy Astronaut

Brazil Office

  • LinkedIn

 Solidity is built with the commitment of many hands

Joaquim's short bio:
Joaquim is a specialist in Education, with consolidated experience in project management, and has a degree in management course at Fundaçao Dom Cabral.
He has over 20 years of executive experience supporting companies and public bodies in preparing teams to manage, implement and monitor projects. He is the general director of the company Vértica Internacional with operations in Brazil and Mozambique.
As a consultant, he was involved in the elaboration of projects in large organizations such as Fundação Roberto Marinho, Fundação Vale, State Secretariat for Science and Technology and Education in the States of São Paulo and Minas Gerais.
He operates in the sale of assets in the mining and energy area. Joaquim has extensive and consolidated experience in program/project management and participated in the elaboration, planning, and implementation of various process monitoring solutions.

For each success achieved there will always be an appropriate strategy

Marius short bio:
” Marius Carvalho is a Lawyer and Master in Procedural Law from the Pontifical University Catholic of Minas Gerais; he is also a Professor, Consultant in Project Management and Execution Organizational and Legal Advice for companies and public and private institutions.
He was Attorney General at City Hall. He is currently a Managing Partner at Sanders, Carvalho, Luduvice & Fiigueiró Law Firm. He has extensive experience in the public and private institutional segments with a history based on the analysis of organizational scenarios, conduction and execution of organizational and legal projects and management.
With decisive actions in the executive legal advisory to businesses, his objective is to seek the best strategies to achieve the best results. Offering expert support, customized solutions for each scenario, he always strives in the constant search for effective and efficient results for your company.

Marius Carvalho

Chief Legal Astr0naut

Brazil Office

  • LinkedIn

Viven Nidoo

Chief Business Astronaut

South Africa Office

  • LinkedIn

Money, money, money - companies must be driven to add value, both to shareholders as stakeholders alike.

To deliver more value, companies should [must?] expand and growth

Viven's short bio:
Viven holds an MBA and has a strong background in finance. He is a Chartered Accountant.
Previously to Joining W-rocket, he was a finance executive for a large group in Africa, with operations in Portugal and six African countries. Viven had senior responsibilities in both finances, risk assessment, tax and people management.
Viven has previously consolidated his financial skills in KPMG South Africa, where he was able to work for 7 years in different industries and KPMG offices - including South Africa, Mozambique and Hungary. Here he gained extensive experience on IFRS, SA GAAP, US GAAP and SoX.
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