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Do you have timely and accurate financial data to guide your decisions?

Business-driven financials

Either you manage several product-lines, projects, stores or factory sites, financials must provide you with in-depth analytics about each segment PL.

Transparent, clear financial data should be provided to your business unit leaders and should drive their planning as well - measure performance without a price tag IS as insane as it sounds.

Measure<->decide LOOP

You need to have the right metrics to make decisions and measure the impact of your decisions.

How much it costs to acquire a new customer? what is the CHURN rate? what units are most contributing to EBIDTA?

Discipline in planning, measuring and forecasting is critical and should be linked to all other planning activities in your business.


Prior to [and after] you raise investment to your business, you need to feed them executive-level information so they can access your business performance and your decisions.

They inevitably will measure you with the professionalism you can prepare and present such data. Don't fail on them!

Professional "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!" Approach.

Executive financials, forecasts and dashboards to guide your decisions


We'll be Hands on working the figures; we'll be with you reporting them to the board

Financials translate your business into figures. Simple as that.

But for them to be an effective management tool, you need to:

- Measure what really needs to be measured: smart cross-business metrics that allow you to monitor performance per product, site, activity or market. We have strong expertise in SAAS models, that require a different approach.

- View the forest, change the leaf - as a business owner, you must have the high-level dashboard to guide you, but be able to drill down the info to the very detail, if needed

- Plan and check - plans, budgets and forecasts are useless if you do not set the right rituals to confront performance and act.

- "Power to the people" - let your business owners (site managers, product owners, project managers) have visibility and responsibility on their business financial performance. 


We'll be on your side, presenting the figures that matter the proper way

3 bad things may happen when you present data in a board meeting the wrong way:

a) "Ops, this seems not to be correct" or, in the same line "Ops, that info I did not have it here"

b) "I cannot exactly explain to you why that change happened. I'll get back yo you"

c) "I did not measure the impact of these options"

Provide clear and accurate info is paramount in good governance. If you have demanding, professional investors on the other side of the table that's good - they will value more informed, data-driven decisions.

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Looking for investors to create or expand your business?

Selling your company?

We will help you finding the investors and a fair valuation

In this kind of investor scanning, our fee model is strongly dependent on success, so our interests are aligned.

Depending on your situation, we'll pursue the best strategy to help you achieve the best outcome:


Getting VC or other investors to your business requires a sound business proposal, an inspiring leader and a great pitch.

We can help you all the way - preparing the Business plan, the pitch deck, finding investors,  negotiating the investment valuation and details, find the most suitable investment mechanism and duel with lawyers.

Our job ends only when the money gets to your bank account,


If you intend to acquire a new company do not neglect all the work needed beforehand:

Screening for candidates, due diligence, valuation, legal and tax issues, investment model, key roles after the transaction, etc.

Lots of things can go wrong if you fail to access properly all the risks and prepare poorly.


We can provide help since the early steps of your intention. We have strong experience in due diligence and we understand where the value is in a business. 


Selling your business is always hard.

You have to find the proper valuation, find the investors, negotiate, be ready for the due diligence process and be able to demonstrate the value of your proposition.

We are there from day one - evaluating your business, preparing the pitch, all the materials to the investors, finding them and negotiating with them.

We provide all the service and do all the fighting on your side until the deal is complete.

Financials are not accounting - we DO NOT do accounting!!!
Our work in Finance solutions is similar to what we do on sales or processes - guarantee that you have the info, tools and processes that sustain your planning, execution and review - translated if financial terms as well.
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