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In 2020 we've decided to join efforts and skills and provide executive muscle to help companies grow. Each of us had for long being help companies in each own field of expertise - but we saw value in joining strengths and skills. Now we adjust our team size, skill set and approach according to each customer need, and we do it the old way - hands-on, delivering and boots on the ground.

We've started in Portugal and in 2021 expanded to Brazil and South Africa. We're sure that this is only the beginning.

Our team  is ready to help you



Came and have a coffee with us and know in detail how we can help you. Call us or drop us an email to schedule a chat.

​Rua Duque de Palmela, 30 – 5.º F 
1250 – 098 Lisboa, Portugal

Tel: (+351) 21 009 580 

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