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Sales are THE critical activity in a company but often lacks the planning and process design that other areas have.

To sell more and better, you need a clear product and price strategy, a trained team, proper tools (CRM & alike) and a process to approach sales.


Sales are not magic nor intuition -it requires discipline in planning, execution and proper metrics and rituals.


Leadership skills are not developed by reading books or attending PowerPoint lectures - you have to teach your leaders in their day to day challenges in their workplace.

Better leadership and better teams deliver better results. We have custom solutions to train your leaders, empower your teams and to induce ideation processes.


We provide you with relevant and critical info for you to manage your business.


Usually, our scope includes providing structured financial information to investors or to implement key metrics to top management in all critical business areas.


Everyone is talking about Digital transformation and industry 4.0, but in most cases, it is just a buzzword to look nice on corporate powerpoints.

We help you chose and implement the right technology - that's the easy part - but we also implement all the management operating system and rituals that need to be set up; it is the only way for new technology to have a real impact on your performance.

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