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Depending on the services you may need our approach may differ. The success of the end results will always be the same:


"I need help to do THIS transformation/solve THIS problem.


Help me and Go!"

You need executive C-muscle to help you with a specific issue. No worries - as seasoned business astronauts, will get in, do the job - hand-on on, fast and effectively, and we'll move out, making sure that we leave no legacy behind (team trained, routines consolidated, change secure).

We'll agree on a fee, considering the effort needed.

We'll be happy to link our fee to measurable results.


"My business needs continuous help for the transformation

I envisage.

Stay and help me for as long as I feel needed!"

Some companies need more structured, continuous support for a given transformational need. No worries, we'll be there along the way with you.

We set a monthly fee and a level of service. At any moment you can upgrade or downgrade the level of service requested or simply give the job as completed and cancel the fee. 


We'll be happy to link our fee to measurable results.

and set a meeting to discuss further how we can help
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