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Are you really outperforming in ATTRACT, DEVELOP, TRAIN and REWARD talent in your company?


You'll go nowhere without adequate leaders in your team, from management level to field team leaders.

Often companies grow too fast and have to promote leaders without giving them proper tools. Other times promote the one with best technical skills to lead, who might fail (or hate) to lead the team.


As a business leader, you must make the most out of your people   - they are the best source for insights on how to perfect your processes, optimize your business and impact the customer.

Spark and nurture creativity - or be condemned to mediocrity!


This is the era of the knowledge economy, making knowledge of one of your company's main assets.

Tools and strategies for knowledge management in your organization are critical [knowing that 30% of knowledge workers is looking for information that already exists]-

 High-impact, return-oriented Approach.

No room for the usual "nice-to-have-if-you-have-lots-of-money" way of doing.


Learn how we transform your leaders:

Site managers and team leaders really have an impact on their teams - and Leadership cannot be learned at school, in PowerPoint sessions or in fun workshops.

Either they work in a factory, an F&B chain or software company - we have, hands-on tested methodology that will boost their leadership skills and impact your business performance:

 - Step 1 -

Scan and target

We go to the terrain and dive into your team and routines.

With our toolbox we end this 2-3 weeks stage with a deep understanding what needs to be improved and who needs to improve what.

- Step 2 -

Individual roadmap

- Step 3 -

Walk the talk / boots on the ground

Our team is there with your leaders, enforcing changes on a daily basis, focusing on doing the right transformations to help your business - in communication, feedback, reporting, problem solving or other areas that we identify.

We provide training according to the identified needs and define an individual roadmap for each of your leaders.

This might seem trivial, but we do it in a way you have never experienced

[all of our customers in this program already had contracted standard "leadership programs" to mainstream HR companies]


Learn how we can spark creativity in your teams and impact your results:

In our ideation factory sessions, we'll guide your team in several hyperspace jumps that will harvest the best ideas to improve your business approach, your processes or your product moat to the competition.

One rule of thumb for taking the most of these actions: include all stakeholders - and probably some of the best insights will come from your shop floor workers.


Knowledge is power; let us help find, organize and spread knowledge within your company

We provide 3 different offers to cope with 3 different needs:


These are specially designed experiential events designed to teach a concept to your teams.

Powerpoints are the wrong way to transmit a concept. In our sessions we use the right methodology to engrave the concepts in your teams  minds.

From communicating your corporate strategy to define your moat to competition, this is the right way to do it.


Instead of trying to fit your existing people into the roles, take a step back. Our Gapfinder approach matches talent with needs:

1st - Design the skills and roles needed;

2nd - access the talent stock that already exists in your team

3rd - fill the gaps - training, change and/or hire the necessary talent.

Simple to define, hard to implement. Don´t worry, we'll help you!


Selecting the tools and formats to store and share knowledge can be challenging.

[humm, don't tell us that you rely on printed guides or shared folders...]

Helping you set the tools and strategy is only halfway. Our holistic approach works the tools, people and processes altogether, boosting usage and impacting your company's results.

Our holistic approach, that matches people transformation to technology and processes changes guarantee that the results are aligned with your business and have an impact on your P/L.
Stop wasting money on team-building-events-with-no result or in wow-workshops-to-make-people-have-a-nice-day-and-forget-about-it.
and discuss further how to transform your people
Actions without tangible results have no place in your organization. If you want to waste money give it to charity!
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