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Stormy times ahead: are the Leadership skills of your team up to the challenge?

Most companies will face soon (or are already facing) the hardest challenges of their lives, and some will be fighting for their survival. Pandemics, shock in demand, the transformation of the business model, credit crisis, increasing cybersecurity risks are just some of the risks ahead.

An all-hands-on-deck approach is critical, and you will need the best your team has to give to cope with this challenge. The question is: are they ready?

A few weeks ago, while implementing at a customer a Leadership transformation Program for Leaders across all their organization (ranging from IT to Finance, from Maintenance to Operations) the HR director sent a strong message to the participants at the opening event: “in my long and international career as CPO, this is the first time I have a CEO that I do not have to beg for budget – he is the one in our organization that is pushing for investing in your Leadership skills”

Problem is that most CEOs fail to have such clarity in how important the leadership skills in a company are. Yes, everyone expects that at the C-level hierarchy, all are proficient leaders. But what about the other department and team leaders? It is common to have companies stating that “our team leaders are indeed our first line of management and have a critical impact on our team’s performance”, but they hardly walk the talk.

You cannot learn proper leadership at school, and reading books are not also a viable option. Most companies tried old school solutions, like leadership programs based on fancy PowerPoint sessions or flashing bootcamps, that lose their impact as soon as the audience leaves the room.

Our approach is radically different in preparing Leadership Programs: we spend a 3-week period with your teams and leaders, understanding how they work, their needs and fragilities and learning the best way to improve their Leadership skills. We listen to their bosses, their teams and we collect data and evidence. In the end, we have a clear picture of what needs to be addressed, at the individual and corporate levels. We then provide them training according to the identified needs and define an individual roadmap for each of your leaders. This is the easy part. Then we go, boots-on-the-ground, helping them implement their roadmap – transforming behaviors, routines, tools, team management and many other skills. It’s an on-job, on-ground coaching that has a HUGE impact on their performance and on the efficiency of your business.

Your People are really your main asset.

It is basic wisdom to properly invest and nurture our main asset, right?

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