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Your sales rep seems a nice person. But is it human?

Non-human interactions are becoming more common across all business – the news are that they are becoming hard to differentiate from humans.

Someone once said sales is all about creating a relationship, building trust, understand the needs and build bridges of understanding with the potential customer. In the pre-internet era, social skills played a huge part in this process. In digital world, companies try to add a layer of human-like interaction whenever possible, recommending, guiding and in the after-sale support.

AI is taking giant steps and is shifting the degree in that these interactions feel more human-like; bots are really becoming wiser!

But now another step in the ladder has been announced: according to this article form MIT Technology review, a bot has been active during a week without being noticed on Reddit. Reddit, as you might be aware, is one popular chat with more than30 Million users.

The bot was actively posting comments [about once every minute] and was unnoticed. It used the GPT-3 Language model, an advanced IA that is hard to distinguish from a human author.

This presents a new large set of risks, but opportunities as well. In the path to innovation companies are trying to focus their attention on the customer and building the experience around their wants and needs. A human-like help available 24/7 may be part of the solution.

Bots and other solutions are mere tools that are available to companies to help them on their path to fulfil customer needs. Do not make the mistake to misjudge technology as THE solution – focus on client needs, design the experience, bring your team along and make use of the wonders of technology to archive outstanding performance. But at the very core you must figure out what your customer wants and excel in all the experience you provide to him.

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